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review: mm lafleur

In my last post I mentioned my attempt at packing a professional wardrobe for a 2-month straight business travel without returning home. My solution – a set of 4 business casual outfits I rotate Monday – Thursday (Friday is work-from-home). The characteristics of these outfits is that they are anti-wrinkle and machine washable. This gives me the opportunity to wash them over the weekends instead of sending them to dry-cleaners where it can take up to a week to get them back.

This accomplishes a few things:

  • I only need to pack a minimal set of outfits (yes, I’ll wear the same set of outfits from week to week but I was already doing that to an extent anyway! This saves me time on deciding what to wear in the morning!)
  • I save on dry-cleaning
  • No need to iron/press outfits

I present to you…MM LaFleur

This is a clothing brand that I’ve been using for my professional wardrobe for years. One of the co-founders is a former Zac-Posen head designer, and she worked with a former management consultant to start a company creating functional, professional, yet design-focused outfits for women.

Each season they have certain design elements they incorporate into their collections, and every piece they create focuses on quality, cut, and that extra something in the design that make it unique (be it a fold at an unexpected place, a unique blend of colored yarn, or a sleek-looking button). I’ve tried their seasonal pieces from time to time (LOVE their winter knits), but my favorites are the classics.

They have ‘popup’ shops around the country in addition to their permanent studio locations in NYC SoHo and DC. My favorite thing about this company is that when customers go into the popups and studios for try-on sessions, they collect customer feedback and use those feedback to refine their pieces.

For example, I remember when I first tried on the Nisa Dress a few years ago, I felt like the armholes were cut too big. A couple years later when I went in for another try-on the Nisa dress was at another iteration (many of their classics have iterations, some are even at 7.0!) where the armholes are now smaller. I appreciate the fact that they are constantly making their classic pieces better, because they are usually my go-to pieces and I would not hesitate to buy two of the same pieces again! (Though often times they have different fabrics, patterns, or colors of classic pieces in different seasons)

What I have in my current travel wardrobe:

Etsuko Dress (black) – my absolute favorite! Works for every season and fits like a glove!

Annie Dress (Galaxy Blue) – slightly longer than the Etsuko but the bodice and the A-line skirt accentuates my body in just the right way. The material feels light and soft.

Georgia Dress (Black) – they are now on 2.0 of this dress. I got the 1.0 and wear it with a white belt I also got from MM (I can’t find it on the website now). This dress is super breezy and perfect for summer!

Last outfit not from MM

  • Top – an old Ann Taylor top that is wrinkle-resistant and machine-washable
  • Pants – Betabrand Dress Pant Yoga Pants – Straight Leg (Black). My favorite bottom! It is made of yoga-pant material but thick enough so that pantie-line doesn’t show. Comfortable and professional!

Bonus MM Recommendations

Sarah Dress – one of the oldest classics now on 7.0. I didn’t bring this one (I think I had the 2.0) with me since I wanted to have at least 1 trouser outfits. However, this was definitely one of the top options.

Lydia Dress – the only dry-clean required piece I have. I usually wear mine during winter with a cardigan since the material of the piece I bought (discontinued) was wool and therefore on the warmer side.

Woolf Jardigan – I love this piece! This is a combination of ‘jacket’ and ‘cardigan’ which has the clean, sharp lines of a suit jacket but the material is as comfortable as that of a cardigan. Although since I have it in a lighter color (taupe), I do notice some wrinkles when I stuff them in my luggage. Regardless, I still wear this proudly when it get a little chilly in the air.

A final note on MM is that they do not do sales at all, save for one in the winter (around Christmas/New Year). I did see a promotion last winter where they are giving a discount on gift card purchases. So if you find a piece you love (especially if it’s a classic, which are almost never included in the sale unless it’s in a seasonal fabric or pattern) I would suggest buying it. If it’s a seasonal piece, don’t wait for the sale because it may get sold out by then and will no longer return!

So this concludes my MM review for now. I’m excited to sign up for additional fitting sessions with them to try on their new pieces! Plus you can enjoy free sparkling or coffee during the session so bring a friend with you!




One thought on “review: mm lafleur

  1. Hi there! Thank you so much for such an incredibly thoughtful and well-written review. We’re delighted to hear your MM pieces have served you well, especially on the road—there’s nothing like a business trip to make you question everything you thought you knew about dressing for work. Again, thank you so much for your review. Looking forward to seeing which pieces catch your eye next!


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